Cambridge CELTA

During input sessions you will find out more about how the English language works, in terms of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, as well as learn about practical teaching methodology (how to set up a classroom, best use the resources at your disposal, deal with different learners, give correction and so on.) These sessions aim to help you with your teaching practice.

In addition to input sessions, you will do at least six hours’ teaching practice and observe six hours of lessons from experienced teachers. After each teaching session you will be given detailed feedback on your performance, and you will be given an opportunity to comment, reflect on and learn from the lesson observations.

Who Should Apply

·         Anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in English Language Teaching

·         People who are interested in language and teaching and would like the opportunity to work overseas or in the UK, whether you are a recent graduate or looking to find a new career

Course Dates

13 January – 07 February 2014

17 February – 14 March 2014

28 April – 23 May 2014

02 – 27 June 2014

07 July – 01 August 2014

04 – 29 August 2014

08 September – 03 October 2014

03 – 28 November 2014