Management in ELT



This course will cover some or all of the following aspects:

·         Organisational structures, cultures and systems; the nature of leadership and management; individuals and organisations; managing change and innovation

·         Staff recruitment procedures; recruitment & selection procedures; meetings and internal communications; staff development; teacher development; observation and feedback; performance management and appraisal; managing conflict

·         Programme development and management; the curriculum and syllabuses; student admission and placement; timetabling and schemes of work; managing teaching / learning materials and resources; managing assessment and testing; student counselling; record-keeping

·         Planning for quality; establishing standards; monitoring and evaluation; feedback systems; client satisfaction procedures; assessment, inspection and accreditation

·         Marketing in education; market analysis and segmentation; brands and market presence; market and product development; promotion and sales; customer relations management

·         Business plans; budgets, forecasts and financial reports; cost control; reporting; business information systems

·         Important aspects of management, especially management in education

·         How to develop specific management competences relevant to their own positions

·         How to work with fellow professionals from a range of educational settings and countries on issues and tasks in educational management and the management of English language teaching operations


·         Managers of English language teaching (ELT) schools, institutions and departments

·         Managers working on ELT and other educational projects

·         Inspectors and advisors working in the area of ELT

·         Teachers and senior teachers who have (or will soon have) management responsibilities

Participants should have a minimum language level corresponding to B2/C1 on the Common European Framework.


18 – 29 August 2014