Technology Assisted Language Learning

Technology Assisted Language Learning


This course will cover some or all of the following aspects:

·         Applications software for language teachers, e.g., word processors and presentation software

·         The creation and use of multimedia materials based on commercially and freely available software and shareware

·         Accessing language corpora and using concordances and text analysis programmes to create language materials for the classroom

·         Core skills for the Internet, such as searching, creating and evaluating web pages communicating through forums, conferencing etc.

·         Experience with Read/Write web technologies such as wikis and blogs, and also with podcasts

·         Access to professional development through participating in the ELT international community via the internet

·         An opportunity to complete a small-scale project involving e.g. lesson plans, e-learning materials, website design

This course will extend the participant’s understanding and critical awareness of:

·         The possibilities, challenges and potential of digital technologies

·         A wide range of software applicable in language teaching and learning

·         How to create and work effectively with web pages and web platforms


·         Teachers interested in developing their skills in any aspect of applications of Information and Communication Technology in language teaching

·         Teachers with at least basic computer literacy skills, including Windows 1997-2003, browsing the Internet and the ability to send and receive e-mails

Participants should have a minimum language level corresponding to B1/B2 on the Common European Framework.


21 July – 01 August 2014