Trends and New Directions in ELT

Trends and New Directions in ELT


This course will cover some or all of the following aspects:

·         Review of methods and approaches in ELT

·         Learning and learner-centred teaching

·         Content and language integration

·         The changing status of English

·         The role of lexis in language teaching

·         The role of tasks in language teaching

·         Dogme and resource-light teaching

·         Special educational needs in ELT

·         Teaching in the post-methods era

·         Context-based approaches

·         Technology in and out of the classroom

·         Blended learning in ELT

·         Affect in language teaching and learning

·         The changing role of the teacher

·         Critical pedagogy in ELT

·         Assessment in the 21st century

This course will extend the participant’s understanding and critical awareness of:

·         Trends in language teaching and the context of recent and present developments in methodology

·         How to relate developments in classroom practice and language learning

·         How to survey recent developments in methodology and analyse language for teaching

·         The role of foreign languages in education and development of critical pedagogy in the 21st century

·         How globalization and the internet have impacted on language teaching materials and methodology

·         The potential of technology in language learning and teaching inside and outside the classroom

·         The changing role and status of English as a global language, and its implications for classroom teaching

·         How to re-examine their own teaching and assess the extent to which it is influenced by the above factors


This course is aimed at ELT professionals who are interested in:

·         Gaining an awareness of the past, current, and potential future trends and developments in language teaching and learning, and their implications inside and outside the classroom

·         Critically evaluating recent developments in approaches to teaching and learning languages, and the impact of external factors on ELT methodologies and materials

Participants should have a minimum language level corresponding to B2 on the Common European Framework.



04 – 15 August 2014